Thursday, September 22, 2011

lintas langsung dari mahkamah kes liwat 2.. update!

- McDonald reads excerpt of Australian court case which says he was a truthful witness
- McDonald continues to explain his various qualifications
-  Ramkarpal: Can sperm last in rectum up to 113 hours?
- McDonald: We're looking at a less that 99% chance of it happening, 56 hours is the longest ever reported that DNA can be found
- Ramkarpal asks McDonald about a Thai article that the prosecution had questioned him about
- McDonald says he didn't understand the contents of the article
- Ramkarpal: Do you agree with what is stated in the English version of the article?
- McDonald: The paper has no credibility, I'm amazed a document like this got to court
 - Ramkarpal moves on to question of degradation
- Ramkarpal says prosecution was trying to assert yesterday that degradation of DNA profiles was not an issue
- Yusof interjects, says wanted to point out Dr Seah Lay Hong never said there was no degradation.
- McDonald: Dr Seah said there was degradation, but she couldn't see it. She also maintained degradation not important to her
- McDonald: Degradation is critical in case. It's the only evidence to maintain credibility of sample
-- Ramkarpal: You conceded you made a mistake when you said Dr Seah conducted AP tests on the swab
-  McDonald: yes, if she had done the testing it would give us some literature
- McDonald: I dispute that I criticised Dr Seah for doing a test she did not do


- - Ramkarpal asks Dr McDonald to refer to a document - guidelines on forensic medical reference
 - McDonald confirms document
- Dr McDonald steps down from witness stand
- Judge says trial to resume proper from October 3 to 7
- Trial adjourned for the day.


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